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Seamless.access enables non-interactive entry.

Our product


Seamless.access offers an alternative to classic password entry, card validation or a key.

It adds a new layer to existing control systems, providing a single interactionless interface to employees and handling the integration of different systems at different sites.

Simple and convenient.

Seamless.access is easy to manage and easy to use, while it leaves the responsibility in local hands, just as it was before.

1. Seamless onboarding
Easy onboarding for new employees with our

2. Walk-by recognition
Instant setup and usage of our seamless technology while walking by a seamless enabled device.

3. Get access
Access was never easier before.

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Access control usually is a mess.

Our solutions

We are aware of existing issues in access control.

Given access control systems don't work with secondary access control systems. Different company sites each use their own varying access control systems. Access cards and keys get lost, replacement processes are expensive and require human resources.

We listened. And we came up with solutions.  

Seamless.access for various industries, working models and security requirements. for enterprises and
real estate

Changing the way employees experience their workplace – as access is their first interaction on a daily basis. for sharing economy

Modernizing mobile access to dedicated offices and conference rooms in an instant new way. for restricted areas

Increasing security for highly sensitive working areas without requiring any interaction. for events

Providing faster access to all areas in a stadium while always keeping track of visitor's locations during emergency situations. for travel industry

Providing a personalized travel experience by increasing convenience for hotel or airline check ins. for
smart manufacturing

Bringing smart manufacturing to a new level by enabling instant documentation, error handling and authentication – anywhere at any time.

A seamless enabled gate recognizes the employee's smartphone without any interaction.

Our technology

Interactionless and secure.

The technology enables a contactless communication between smartphones and active counterparts like gates or machines.

To make sure it's reliable, it runs on "Secure Bluetooth Energy Communication".

Seamless.access works with existing systems.

Smart device
The seamless identification works on devices running Android or iOS.

Our own hardware controller is capable of communicating with hundreds of devices at the same time.

Seamless provides an easy integration in existing solutions.
Readers, controllers, elevator systems, auditing, logging – everything stays untouched.

The human gait is unique and can be used to ensure even more accurate authentication.

Gait recognition can be added.

The singularity of the human gait can be used to add an extra layer of distinct authentication.

By using sensors that are already integrated in every smartphone, it's easy to add the extra layer of biometric authentication with seamless.

Smartphone and gate communicate via "Secure Bluetooth Energy Communication"

Our security system

Security is the core of everything we do.

Smartphone security
All that leaves the device is a "Trust Level".
Also, when it comes to gait recognition, we work with profiles that can't be reconstructed, as biometrics don't leave the user's device.

Communication security
Bluetooth doesn't provide a truly secure and efficient way of communication, that's why we've built a new complementary technology, called "Secure Bluetooth Energy Communication".


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