Who we are

SEAMLESSme is a Berlin based experience company that  transforms  modern work environments by making them more enjoyable, more attractive, easier to manage and safer for everyone.

Currently, the SEAMLESSme team delivers a frictionless access control experience for employees, tenants and building owners. The SEAMLESSme platform utilizes highly secure and innovative authentication methods while always  prioritizing the employee experience.

The result is greater employee retention, productivity and happiness. The company is on a mission to enable people to move through life freely while still feeling secure.

Patrick Hennig, CEO and Co-Founder

Patrick Hennig - CEO & Co-founder

Philipp Berger, CTO and Co-Founder

Philipp Berger - CTO & Co-founder

Why do we exist?

We aim to revolutionize the way we authenticate ourselves – no more passwords, no keys, no pins, no active registrations. Our research background and technical expertise enable us to bring the SEAMLESSme technology to new devices, solutions, and experiences.

Our product values

Everything we do is based on four pillars:
Security, Data Privacy, Integration, and Usability.
We summarize all of them in the word Experience.

Having defined values helps us to focus on bringing the best products on the market. Our values are composed of the basic idea of our company. The aim is to develop the most secure and user-friendly (IT) products.

We believe that technology is meant to improve and simplify people's lives. Moreover, we want our products to shape around the human. Our four values go hand in hand to make sure we achieve these requirements. And only if we consider them equally, we can create a viable experience.

As our goal is to create an experience, we can by no means neglect usability, and therefore convenience. They must be equivalent in weight and importance to the security and data privacy factor.

And ultimately, we create products and technologies that can be integrated into existing products and other technologies. We believe that many existing products can be enhanced with the right technology and will bring new life and opportunities without wasting unnecessary resources.

Why experience matters to us 

An experience provides people with good memories and feelings. We define experiences as a combination of freedom and security. Turning (authentication) activities into truly free and secure moments will have a positive impact on how we perceive and evaluate these moments.


It all started at the Hasso-Plattner-Institute (HPI) in Potsdam. The initial idea was to find a secure, yet easy alternative to passwords to fight password fraud.


Philipp Berger and Patrick Hennig founded neXenio, an HPI spin off, to turn research projects into products. That same year, they started looking into using wearables for authentication at the HPI.


A dedicated team at neXenio was founded to work on the SEAMLESSme technology.



The following years were used for extensive research. In cooperation with Fraunhofer AISEC, neXenio explored new ideas to overcome the Bluetooth protocol limitations.


The team started to work on their first use case, which is access control. After overcoming the technical challenges and talking to various potential customers, neXenio was able to successfully deliver its first proof of value implementations with paid clients.


After the first successful proofs of value, a final product evolved. Patrick and Philipp founded a separate entity with dedicated Development, Marketing and Sales teams for SEAMLESSme to roll it out into the world.


Access is only the beginning.

The central tension over the next decade will be the ability to move through life freely while still feeling secure.

Globalization, technical progress, new borders, higher security demands and the merging of analog and digital identities will have a major impact on general security regulations and their priorities. We believe that general security standards will continue to increase and require comply with these internal and external security standards.


Enrich and transform

We want to enrich and transform the way we physically access buildings and companies to be more enjoyable, easier to manage, safer for everyone and more attractive.

SEAMLESSme enables secure and frictionless access for existing access solutions. Furthermore, SEAMLESSme creates a new experience how we welcome guests, employees and ourselves. Providing experience is what makes you stand out.