We design the way companies say hello,
goodbye, and thank you to their employees,
friends, customers, visitors, strangers, family,
and everyone else.

How do you say hello?


Be a modern company
Digitalization has been proceeding for years now. SEAMLESSᵐᵉ helps you to be a leader in this process.
With SEAMLESSᵐᵉ, you get state of the art technology. We’ve got a research heritage, and we’re constantly working on new ways to use our patented solutions.
Employee data stays with the company
We believe that it should be a human right to know exactly, where your data is and how it is used. That’s why all data stays with the company, just as it was before.

Lower operating costs  

We’re exchanging keys with smartphones. By using only those devices you´ re anyway, you´  ll quickly be able to reduce replacement costs. 

Create a safer
environment for everyone
Make sure only those employees get access to the machines who actually have to.

Make an impression   

Innovation will help you to impose applicants, guests and will also have an impact on retention. 

Global management, local responsibility 

Manage all of your buildings, employees and guests at once. Manage access rights for particular rooms, areas or whole buildings. 

Employee satisfaction 

SEAMLESSᵐᵉ saves time and frustration. No more keys,  key cards or key fobs are needed. Moreover, employees don’t have to exert any effort when walking through a gate. 

Integrates with all existing technology  

SEAMLESSᵐᵉ can be set up with most common gates and doors. All you need to get started is to install our Communication Unit.  

Access is only the beginning.

Globalization, technical progress, new boarders, higher security demands and the merging of analog and digital identities will have a major impact on general security regulations and their priorities.

It must be expected that the general security standards will increase. It will be required to understand and comply with internal and external security demands. Furthermore people do require a more personalized experience, saving time and making their lives easier.

We believe
We believe that security does not have to be complicated or complex. Our goal is it to combine security and convenience so everyone can be secure without constraints and additional effort by enjoying more benefits.

Providing seamless physical access is only the beginning of creating an invisible and frictionless layer for all purposes/functions.

We aim

We aim to revolutionize the way we authenticate ourselves – no more passwords, no keys, no pins, no active registrations. Our strong research background and close cooperations with industry experts, helps us to roll out the SEAMLESSᵐᵉ technology to new devices and solutions. We work hard to realize new use cases. We strive to disrupt how retail works, how we travel around the world and how factories work today.