SEAMLESSᵐᵉ enhances existing access control systems to enable the best employee experience available.

SEAMLESSᵐᵉ upgrades existing access control systems: no keys, key cards or key fobs are needed. Users don’t have to exert any effort when walking through our gates. 


It enables the easy, reliable and secure communication between smart devices such as smart phones and entry points such as gates or access control readers. Users can then pass access points hands-free and without any interaction. 

Once entry points are equipped with SEAMLESSᵐᵉ, only holders of entitled smart devices are granted access.



Company App

Via SDKs, the technology is embedded in your user’s phone. SEAMLESSᵐᵉ can be integrated into your existing corporate app. If you’re not using an app, we can provide a SEAMLESSᵐᵉ app for your company. The best thing about it: It works offline as well.

Management Hub

The administrative app centralizes the management of access rights for employees. It enables companies to oversee all of their offices, security areas and different company sites at the same time. Furthermore, this component makes sure that the entire communication is secured, and all encryption keys are used properly.

Communication Unit

A dedicated communication unit can easily be added to existing access control solutions. This enables communication with a smartphone in a secure and reliable way. It can be directly added to a speedgate, to a door, to an existing reader or somewhere nearby to make sure the communication and positioning works properly.

You can’t deliver experience without
security. Everyone does not have the same
credentials. Here are ours.

We’ve built a patented Bluetooth LE protocol.


We’re a data
respectful company.


We rely on Elliptic
Curve Cryptography.


We utilize the expertise
gained by developing

We have a research


We work with
reputable experts.


How it works

SEAMLESSᵐᵉ runs completely on your smartphone.

Conventional doors, automatic separation systems or even speed gates can be equipped with SEAMLESSᵐᵉ.

SEAMLESSᵐᵉ enables the communication between entry points such as gates or access control readers and apps for smart devices, so the user can pass access points without any interaction. Only holders of entitled smart devices are allowed access.

Let’s get technical: Our SDKs

SEAMLESSᵐᵉ offers two SDKs: the access SDK and the gait analysis SDK. Both SDKs are available for Android and iOS and can be easily integrated into existing systems.

By embedding the access SDK, you can easily extend your existing app so that your employees can enjoy the frictionless access without any additional app. Your app will either identify your employees by their existing staff login or by generating a virtual badge number. The secure connection with doors or gates as well as the indoor positioning is done in the background by our SDK.

To provide extra security for your app we provide an abuse detection via gait analysis in our second SDK. As soon as your app authenticated the user by e.g. username/password, you can simply activate the SDK and the continuous gait analysis starts. As soon as the owner of the phone changes or her behaviour is significantly different, your app will be notified and therefore access can restricted.

Contact Tracing 

An easy way to ensure anonymous and efficient
communication structures in cases of notifable

SEAMLESSᵐᵉ can be amplified by a Contact Tracing System, that helps companies to adjust to rising health protection requirements, to create a safer environment for their employees.

The system gathers encrypted information on who passes checkpoints and stays in certain areas. It it only reconnects data on encounters if someone is affected but never shares details on timing, length or whereabouts of this encounter.

If operators are informed about notifiable diseases, the system provides a list of those team members who actually need to be notified. This prevents lockdowns of an entire office or factory, while it respects the employee’s privacy at the same time.

In a nutshell

Runs completely in the background, without any user interaction


Checkpoints communicate with the employee’s smartphones


Information is encrypted and will only be reconnected if someone needs to be notified


Precautionary measures or preventive quarantines can be based on reliable data


Affected employees will be informed immediately, but won’t be able to reconstruct the origin

If a case of notifiable diseases occurs within your company

The system evaluates carefully who else spent a long enough time in the affected areas


Our ManagementHub provides a complete list of everyone who needs to be notified


Employees can be informed immediately

Available soon

Biometric Fraud Detection FAQ

Frictionless and secure autentication.

The human gait is unique. SEAMLESSᵐᵉ can recognize a person carrying a smart Device unambiguously based on their gait. This can serve as an extra layer of security, for example if an area within your company requires more restriction.

Here’s how it works: