SEAMLESSme enhances existing access control systems and enables the best employee experience available.

SEAMLESSme upgrades existing access control systems: no keys, key cards or key fobs are needed. Users don't have to exert any effort when walking through our gates.

It enables the easy, reliable and secure communication between smart devices such as smart phones and entry points such as gates or access control readers. Users can then pass access points hands-free and without any interaction.

With our unique technology multi-lane gates, elevators or side-by-side doors can finally be opened securely and hands-free. Our advanced patented security protocols require less energy while retaining enhanced security.

Once entry points are equipped with SEAMLESSme, only holders of entitled smart devices are granted access.



Company App

Our app enables the SEAMLESSme technology on your smart device. The app requires no internet, runs in the background and uses very little energy. The app can also be integrated into your existing company app.

Management Hub

The administrative tool centralizes the management of access rights for employees. It enables companies to oversee all of their offices, security areas and different company sites at the same time. Furthermore, this component makes sure that the entire communication is secured, and all encryption keys are used properly.

Communication Unit

A dedicated communication unit can easily be added to existing access control solutions. This enables communication with a smartphone in a secure and reliable way. It can directly be added to a speed gate, a door, an existing reader or somewhere nearby to make sure communication and positioning works properly.

How it works

Conventional doors, automatic separation systems or even speed gates can be equipped with SEAMLESSme.

To open gates and doors only if your employees are in immediate proximity, we've developed a secure and precise indoor positioning solution. We install proximity sensors near the entrance point. If a user approaches an entry point, his smartphone first communicates with our Communication Unit, to let the system know he is approaching the entry point. The proximity sensors are responsible for detecting the exact location of the user. With this combination, we are able to even operate multi-lane gates completely hands-free.

Our communication is based on Bluetooth (BLE). However, regular Bluetooth is too slow and unreliable. That's why we created a faster and more secure protocol. We achieve high speeds because our key exchange is based on elliptic curve cryptography.

Optional Feature – available soon

Behavior Based Authentication

Frictionless and secure autentication.

The human gait is unique. SEAMLESSme can recognize a person carrying a smart device unambiguously based on their gait. This can serve as an extra layer of security, for example, if an area within your company requires it.

Here's how it works: