Restricted Areas

Current security and access solutions dont always achieve the right balance between freedom and security. We enhance status quo solutions that fail to address the needs of todays workforce.

Freedom of movement – even within highly secured areas

We make sure scientists and researchers dont feel imprisoned, so that their mind can be free 

State of the art technology for your employees and guests

Impress with cutting edge technology, that matches the aims you’re striving for. 

Easy management 

New employees can easily be added, and also be removed from the system, if needed. 

Centralized access right control   

Manage all of your buildings, areas or laboratories at once.  


Reduce operating costs  

Replacing key cards goes along with unjustifiably high costs, PINs are forgotten all the time – and someone has to take care of all of this. 


Access is only the beginning.

Globalization, technical progress, new boarders, higher security demands and the merging of analog and digital identities will have a major impact on general security regulations and their priorities.

It must be expected that the general security standards will increase. It will be required to understand and comply with internal and external security demands. Furthermore people do require a more personalized experience, saving time and making their lives easier.

We believe
We believe that security does not have to be complicated or complex. Our goal is it to combine security and convenience so everyone can be secure without constraints and additional effort by enjoying more benefits.

Providing seamless physical access is only the beginning of creating an invisible and frictionless layer for all purposes/functions.

We aim

We aim to revolutionize the way we authenticate ourselves – no more passwords, no keys, no pins, no active registrations. Our strong research background and close cooperations with industry experts, helps us to roll out the SEAMLESSᵐᵉ technology to new devices and solutions. We work hard to realize new use cases. We strive to disrupt how retail works, how we travel around the world and how factories work today.