You are designing a new work experience for your members. We help you make them realize this the moment they enter the door.

A safe and convenient space for operators of coworking spaces and for their members.

SEAMLESSme transforms the way we enter workspaces through its patented technology

SEAMLESSme offers an all around entrance control solution for coworking spaces. Manage access rights for members, meeting rooms or different buildings. It's safe and convenient – for you and for your members.

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Your benefits:

Easy member management

Make sure only members enter shared working spaces. Quickly add them to your system – and remove them again, if you have to.

Operating costs are lowered

By using only those devices you're using anyway, you'll quickly be able to reduce replacement costs.

Member data stays with you

We believe that it should be a human right to know exactly where your data is and how it is used. That's why all data stays with you, just as it did before.

It helps you make an impression

Innovation will help you to impose members and guests and will also have an impact on retention.

Global management, local responsibility

Manage all of your buildings, employees and guests at once. Manage access rights for particular rooms, areas or whole buildings.

Freedom combined with security

We want to help you create an open space for members, where they don't have to worry about their work equipment.