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A woman walking through a gate without having to exert any effort.

SEAMLESSme transforms touchless access through its patented technology

SEAMLESSme offers an all around access control solution for your company. It comes with highest security standards, while it requires less effort from users and operators. As a result, you need to worry less about security and access control in general, while your whole workforce can enjoy the benefits.

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Your benefits:

It's future-proof

With SEAMLESSme, you get state of the art technology. We've got a research heritage, and we're constantly working on new ways to use our patented solutions.

It's an easy way to modernize your company

Digitalization has been proceeding for years now. SEAMLESSme helps you to be a leader in this process.

Employee data stays with the company

We believe that it should be a human right to know exactly, where your data is and how it is used. That's why all data stays with you within the company, just as it did before.

Operating costs are lowered

We're exchanging keys with smartphones. By using only those devices you're anyway, you'll quickly be able to reduce replacement costs.

It creates a safer environment for everyone

Make sure only those employees get access to spaces and buildings who actually have to.

It will have an impact on employee satisfaction

SEAMLESSme saves time and frustration. No more keys, key cards or key fobs are needed. Moreover, employees don't have to exert any effort when walking through a gate.

Global management, local responsibility

Manage all of your buildings, employees and guests at once. Manage access rights for particular rooms, areas or whole buildings.

It integrates with all existing technology

SEAMLESSme can be set up with most common gates and doors. All you need to get started is to install our Communication Unit.