Restricted Areas and Laboratories

Restricted Areas and Laboratories

Current security and access solutions don't always achieve the right balance between freedom and security. We enhance the status quo solutions that fail to address the needs of today's workforce.

Woman walking through a door to a restricted area.

SEAMLESSme transforms touchless access through its patented technology

Security areas and laboratories need a different level of protection. SEAMLESSme can meet these requirements, while it reduces the effort demanded from users and operators.

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Your benefits:

Freedom of movement – even within highly secured areas

We make sure scientists and researchers don't feel imprisoned, so that their mind can be free.

Lowered operating costs

Replacing key cards goes along with unjustifiably high costs, PINs are forgotten all the time – and someone has to take care of all of this.

Easy management

New employees can easily be added, and also be removed from the system, if needed.

Centralized access right control

Manage all of your buildings, areas or laboratories at once.