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Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing

We're helping to make sure you're providing a holistic smart experience.

SEAMLESSme simplifies security procedures within factories

Rooms, spaces and machines can be unlocked through our secure communication technology, if entitled workers approach them. While it doesn't require any effort by your workforce, it'll make sure you stay on top of things all the time.

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Your benefits:

It's an easy way to modernize your company

Digitization has been proceeding for years now. Our technology helps you to be a leader in this process.

It will have an impact on employee satisfaction

SEAMLESSme saves time and frustration during access, log in procedures or authentication processes. No more keys, key cards or key fobs are needed. Moreover, employees don't have to exert any effort when walking through a gate or when approaching their machines.

It's future-proof

With SEAMLESSme, you get state of the art technology. We've got a research heritage, and we're constantly working on new ways to use our patented solutions. 

Operating costs are lowered

We're replacing keys with smartphones. By using only those devices you're anyway, you'll quickly be able to reduce replacement costs.

It creates a safer environment for everyone

Make sure only those employees get access to the machines who actually have to.