While traveling, we feel the imbalance of freedom and security more than ever. Queuing, several ID checks and even more security checks are part of every journey now.

We're bringing back the feeling of freedom to the whole travel experience.

Woman walking through an airport hall.

SEAMLESSme simplifies check-in and boarding procedures

SEAMLESSme can help you manage the whole process – starting with ticketing, but also touchless check-ins and even identity checks. It's based on the highest security standards and at the same time much more convenient for your staff and your guests.

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Your benefits:

It's easy to use

Once your customers have checked in with your app, you can manage ticket control via SEAMLESSme.

Boarding procedures will be shortened

Guests don't need to exert any effort during access at all, they can just pass the SEAMLESSme equipped gates.

It can provide distinct identification

SEAMLESSme can recognize a person unambiguously based on their gait.

Operating costs will be lowered

SEAMLESSme helps to reduce personnel costs for ID inspection.

It helps to reduce printed tickets

Just like with an e-ticket, your guests don't need to print tickets any more. Still, if someone absolutely wants to use a printed ticket, this will still work with SEAMLESSme.

It's truly touchless

SEAMLESSme enables interactionless access. Therefore it can help to increase hygiene in highly frequented areas such as airports and stations.