We already discussed the drawbacks of mechanical keys in our latest blog post, 6 reasons why your old key system is no longer good enough. Here’s the next step for you, here are the benefits of digital keys – or, more precisely, the benefits of the use of mobile digital keys as a secure and hands-free alternative.

Integration: Digital key systems are very easily integrable into existing locks and access systems. There is no need to swap an existing access system or face horrendous costs since the subsequent upgrade of the current access systems is easily possible. Technologies and hardware can be integrated into the access solutions and enable the communication between gates and smart devices.

Control: Losing your keys equals to a small-scale loss of control. It is a stressful situation. You don’t know where you last saw them, and you don’t know how to get them back, you don’t know whether somebody took them and now has access to your building, or whether you just misplaced them and everything is fine. By having a digital key solution, you are keeping all your keys on the phone. With this, you have a better chance of locating your misplaced key by only using the phone’s inbuilt phone finder or just calling the phone. You’ll instantly realize whether the phone is somewhere in your house or office. Should your phone have been stolen – you can easily block the access authorizations remotely.

Convenience: Digital keys pose a great comfort. After switching to digital keys, there is no need to carry around a physical keyring with multiple keys attached. All your keys will be on your smart device, so you’ll never spend minutes on end searching for the right key. Coming home after having gone to the grocery store with the bags of supplies stacked in a volatile balance, we all wish for the door to just open “magically.” With a hands-free digital access system, this dream can come true.

Efficiency: Are you late to a meeting and still need to pass the access gates? Is it pouring rain, and you can’t wait to get into your house? With a digital key system, you will reach your destination in no time, thanks to the Bluetooth Low Energy used in most digital systems. Bluetooth Low Energy enables fast and secure communication between smart devices and access points and lets you without a hitch.

Security: Of course, efficiency and convenience should not come at the cost of security. And with a digital key system, these concepts are not mutually exclusive, on the contrary. Your building manager will find that supervising and granting/revoking access control has never been easier. They are always up to date on who can enter which regions and, if need be, can allow and disallow access to restricted areas in seconds. Furthermore, you know that the person entering the building is indeed the person the key belongs to since a digital key cannot be easily passed on. A digital key is bound to the respective person and additionally protected by the phone’s security measures, such as touch ID or face ID.

Experience: When entering the office hands-free, the day has already started right, and your mood is soaring. Everything is going smoothly, and you can’t wait for the day to continue. On the other hand, if you can’t find your key or key card, the access point won’t let you in on the first try, and you have to swipe the badge/insert your key repeatedly, you get frustrated. The day starts in a lousy way, putting you in a bad mood and affecting not only you but also your work and coworkers. Sure, the experience might not be everything, but it undoubtedly plays an essential role in how we perceive everyday life. With a digital key solution, the phone in your bag already communicates with the access points shortly before you need to pass through them, allowing for a smooth procedure!