Innovative access for intelligent
buildings offices factories universities hospitals

SEAMLESSme enriches and transforms the way we physically access buildings and offices.

Move freely. Feel secure.

Revolutionize access.

Truly secure and hands-free.

Simply integrate SEAMLESSme technology into your (existing) infrastructure and download the app for smart devices.

No cloud. No key. No effort.

SEAMLESSme is the smartest way to access buildings.


Transform your access solution to a secure and free experience.

Doors, multi-lane gates, barriers, and many more access points can easily be equipped with the SEAMLESSme technology that enables a secure and hands-free experience. SEAMLESSme blends effortlessly into the entire infrastructure.

Explore how various access solutions with complex environments benefit from the SEAMLESSme technology.

Key Features


Woman walking through a gate, 100% touchless.

SEAMLESSme is easy to implement and requires no change in behavior from your employees.

  • 100% hands-free
  • For all common access systems available
  • No internet connection needed
  • Full data sovereignty
  • Extended security standard
  • Can be integrated into the entire existing infrastructure
  • Access Management included (can be connected to CRM or active directory)
  • LDAP/SAML 2.0 integration

Upcoming Features:

Our technology is designed to be combined or integrated with other products, technologies or tomorrow's ideas.

Technology and research partnerships

We strongly believe that the best way to pursue our mission is to collaborate as much as possible. We want to make sure we combine all knowledge in the field of authentication and security in order to be able to offer the best possible product.

Resellers and integrators partnerships

SEAMLESSme is an add on to existing access control solutions, built to transform the way people enter buildings, spaces and offices. We're able to offer a completely new experience. But we can't – and we don't want to – provide this experience all by ourselves.

Become a part of our mission.